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Christopher McCluskey on the Coaching Difference

Chris_McCluskeyChristopher McCluskey is the President of Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) and is often referred to as the “Father of Christian Coaching”. In a recent podcast on Missionary Coaching, Chris rattled off THE primary distinction between ICF-style coaching and other forms of people helping. This happened at about 33 minutes into the podcast if you care to listen to it yourself. Here is Chris’s summary as I have transcribed it:

“Coaching, the way that the International Coach Federation has defined it, is a unique and different form of people helping, [that is different from what most people] are used to. It doesn’t replace any of the other wonderful forms of people helping that we have, such as training, mentoring, preaching, teaching, instructing, guiding, discipling, and consulting. But those are ‘outside-in’ kinds of work: advisory, directive, guidance – somebody has knowledge that they are seeking to impart to someone else, infuse it into that person’s inner person or team’s collective mindset. This coach approach is the exact opposite, the way the ICF and this school [PCCI] look at coaching, is you’re working from the ‘inside-out’, not with answers, not with advice or direction or guidance (helpful as those might be), but you are instead coming with questions, and you are looking to draw out from the collective mindset of the team or out from the individual person’s awareness […], what are you seeing, what do you identify as the gaps, what can you see as the resources that can be brought to bear to draw to closure. So it’s a complete reversal, it’s an inside-out kind of a way of people helping, versus the more traditional way of outside-in.”

I thought this was an exceedingly clear and easy to follow description of ICF-level Life Coaching and that it was very worthwhile to pass on.

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